Doctoral Thesis

The central subject of the PhD thesis is cultural change and leadership. What is the importance of leadership? When sailing in turbulent waters it is essential to rely on who is at the helm. Today, throughout the world, we are indeed facing extremely turbulent waters.

Ricardo Salinas has always believed that behind every crisis -national, regional or global, economic or political- we find a common denominator, namely, failed leadership.

People may sincerely ask why a businessman is interested in issues such as cultural change and leadership. The answer is very simple: "I'm concerned about Mexico, here I have my family, my companies, and this is where I live”.

Mexico is a great country, a great promise that should be an economic powerhouse. However, we are still very far from achieving this. Much of the news we see on television and read about in the newspapers tells of a country that has not managed to resolve such basic issues as justice and the rule of law. Yet, we must not give up on the dream of becoming an economic power with opportunities for all its citizens.

Today more than ever, Mexico needs to undertake a profound cultural change. Culture is the recurring pattern of behavior by which social groups transmit knowledge and values. It is the heart of nations’ strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, if we want to progress as a nation, we need a change in mentality in such important questions as the culture of legality and rule of law, effort and wealth, education, the family, and the urgent need to strengthen an entrepreneurial culture - among other issues.

To achieve this, we must begin as soon as possible, for it is clear to us that the most powerful bonds are mental. Global economic conditions are changing increasingly more rapidly and we have little time left to act. Mexico requires leaders who will make a strong commitment to the change in mentality that is indispensable to achieving development.

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