For Ricardo Salinas, values are clear guidelines for navigating through hard times and the inspiration for turning difficulties into opportunities. A company without values is like a rudderless ship. The values of Grupo Salinas are a solid commitment to its employees, stockholders, customers and the communities where it operates. These values constitute the ideals of the Group and guide its mission to generate inclusive prosperity.

Under this philosophy, Grupo Salinas strives to improve quality of life in the communities where we work, while also creating environments that support the creation of wealth and prosperity.


To be honest is to be upright, it implies congruity between what one feels, thinks, says, and does. Honesty allows establishing a relation of confidence and respect, which is crucial for team work.


The personal work must be oriented to fulfill concrete goals and we must make ourselves responsible for them. We need to compromise to accomplish our assignments in time, with quality and attachment to the budget. Only this way we can create the confidence and mutual respect that demands team work.

Company Loyalty

This implies loyalty to people, to organizations, and to beliefs. It consists of never turning your back, assisting others, and being united in good times and bad.

Mutual Respect and Trust

Mutual trust exists when both sides share a common goal, which can be short or long term. Respect implies being tolerant and listening to the opinions of others, even when they do not agree with your own. It means being open to continual learning, and also having the ability to recognize those who have "CAPI" (conjunction of authority, power, and influence). We aim to complement professional lessons, styles, and experiences in order to maximize results.

Focus on client

The costumer must be our center of attention. We must investigate in a permanent way the market´s different segments in order to know them better and to always satisfy the needs of every costumer.



Passion for doing things well, fast and efficiently. Our collaborators must be the best ones in their area of specialty and do things with total delivery, energy and attention to detail.

Fast and Simple

It is important to accomplish the tasks rapidly and in a simple way, to eliminate unnecessary functions and processes, live with a sense of urgency. The simple things are taught and learned rapidly. The search of perfection can be an enemy of rapidity and simplicity. It is better the approximately correct thing, than the totally wrong thing.


To love the community in which we live and to improve the quality of its health, education and ecology. Generosity begins in your own house, with your family; it continues with our work colleagues and it spreads to the community. Generosity is not simply to give. We must give information and means so that everyone can excel (stand out) with its own effort.


Facing change and preparing for an environment of constant transformation. To learn is to fill up with energy, adapt to be competitive, avoid getting trapped, to progress. And for that it is indispensable to learn constantly from our mistakes.

Team Work

It is indispensable to do team work: to struggle as a team to achieve a goal. Team work requires a clear definition of goals. It forces to complement knowledge, styles and experiences to maximize the result. It implies respecting and listening to opinions.