Inclusive Prosperity

Today, companies have become true institutions and agents of social change, since in addition to creating jobs and wealth, they are also an important mechanism for transforming the communities in which they operate.

Ricardo Salinas feels that, due to the enormous influence that companies have on society, they should be recognized as key actors in the creation of inclusive prosperity.

This prosperity is defined as the creation of value and well-being for millions of families based on an inclusive business outlook.

It has three components:

Economic value

This involves innovating in markets and offering products and services to improve the quality of life of the population, especially the less fortunate sectors of society.

Social value

This means creating and strengthening people's capabilities to improve their conditions. This also means establishing environments that are conducive to creating prosperity and wealth. Companies today are much more than generators of economic value; they are also true transformers of the social fabric.

Environmental value

This consists of all measures and actions aimed at mitigating the negative effects of companies' operations on the environment.