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Ricardo Benjamín Salinas Pliego es un empresario mexicano, Fundador y Presidente de Grupo Salinas. Es un hombre cuyas convicciones y pensamiento se reflejan claramente en su obra así como en sus actividades empresariales. Es un hombre de familia, forjado en el valor del trabajo, la tenacidad, el esfuerzo y la pasión para alcanzar los sueños. Se considera un optimista nato.

Contador Público por el Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, cuenta con una Maestría en negocios por la Universidad de Tulane; sin embargo, no cree que los títulos académicos otorguen conocimiento por encima de la experiencia. Desde muy joven desarrolló su instinto empresarial en diversos negocios. Imposible es una palabra que no está en su diccionario.

Lector apasionado de la historia, sus personajes, el arte, la ciencia, la tecnología así como los negocios y finanzas, gusta de compartir sus intereses y no duda en manifestar su opinión sobre diversos temas de interés, como lo hace regularmente en su blog. Sus ideas las ha expuesto el Foro Económico Mundial de Davos, en The Young President’s Organization, The Economist Mexico Business Roundtable, el Instituto de las Américas, la Cámara de Comercio de los Estados Unidos, UCLA, TED, CAP, The Aspen Institute, The New York Forum, Universidad de Michigan, Universidad de Georgetown y la Escuela de Negocios de Harvard, donde usualmente trata asuntos relacionados con liderazgo, globalización, gobierno corporativo y las oportunidades en la base de la pirámide.
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  • Foto del blog "Year-end message to my colleagues at Grupo Salinas (2015)"

    Year-end message to my colleagues at Grupo Salinas (2015)

    It is time to reflect on what we learned in 2015 and what we can achieve in 2016.
  • Foto del blog "Thank you for cleaning up Mexico!"

    Thank you for cleaning up Mexico!

    Once again, millions of people from throughout the country helped clean up Mexico. On Sunday, September 22, thanks to the participation of 8.8 million people organized in 200,000 brigades, we collected almost 50,000 tons of garbage from streets, squares, parks, avenues, and many other public spaces.
  • Foto del blog "Limpiemos Nuestro México 2015: Register Your Brigade!"

    Limpiemos Nuestro México 2015: Register Your Brigade!

    The relationship between companies, society, and government is more necessary today than ever, since success in business and the development of society mutually reinforce each other. This follows the principle of "shared value," namely that prosperous companies create prosperous communities and vice versa.
  • Foto del blog "Esperanza Azteca reaches the White House"

    Esperanza Azteca reaches the White House

    The White House, the official residency of the President of the United States, is a venue where very few musicians have had the privilege to showcasing their talent. A group of children from Esperanza Azteca did just that on May 5 during the celebration of Mexico’s victory at the Battle of Puebla, 153 years ago.
  • Foto del blog "Our social commitment in 2014"

    Our social commitment in 2014

    Today, companies have become true vehicles of social change, since in addition to creating jobs and wealth, they are an important medium for transforming the communities in which they operate.
  • Foto del blog "The Great Degeneration"

    The Great Degeneration

    Recently, during the awards ceremony of Limpiemos Nuestro México 2013 cleanup campaign, I commented on the importance of collaboration between civil society, government, and companies to resolve serious problems that affect us all. Awareness and action are key to achieving the cultural change that Mexico needs to embark on, because "a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."
  • Foto del blog "Time to help"

    Time to help

    We have focused the 77th Movimiento Azteca fundraising and awareness campaign to direct resources to the affected communities through the Mexican Red Cross and Nacional Monte de Piedad. At the same time, Fundación Azteca is providing purified water to those left homeless by the floods.
  • Foto del blog "Fundación Azteca El Salvador"

    Fundación Azteca El Salvador

    The arrival of Fundación Azteca in El Salvador is cause for celebration. With the launching of Fundación Azteca, different programs will be promoted to create awareness on social and ecological problems, in addition to encouraging the development and sustainability of the society of this Central American country in which we have been working for many years and where we have been made to feel at home.
  • Foto del blog "“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s”"

    “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s”

    Here are some quick reflections on a book on the life of Julius Caesar, one of the most important figures in history. Some of the lessons from this man, who dictated a good part of global political, economic and military actions in the 1st century BC, are still valuable today.
  • Foto del blog "2010, Year of Recovery and Consolidation of our Businesses"

    2010, Year of Recovery and Consolidation of our Businesses

    With the end of the old year and the beginning of the new, it's always worth stopping a minute to reflect on the environment, our strategies, actions, and results.
  • Foto del blog "End of the Year message to my colleagues and coworkers at Grupo Salinas (2010)"

    End of the Year message to my colleagues and coworkers at Grupo Salinas (2010)

    The past few years have been complicated. The crisis that emerged with the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008 wiped out millions of business around the world and increased unemployment figures across the global.
  • Foto del blog "Ciudad de las Ideas and the Origins of the Future"

    Ciudad de las Ideas and the Origins of the Future

    Grupo Salinas is a proud sponsor of Ciudad de las Ideas, a thinkers’ forum that is making its mark alongside the TEDs and the Aspen Ideas Festivals of the world.
  • Foto del blog "Let's change the world, an acorn at a time"

    Let's change the world, an acorn at a time

    A few years ago, my father shared with us, his children, the history of someone who wanted to change his environment, acorn by acorn. This is a story that teaches us that we all can considerably improve our world, step to step, without expecting either material assistance or applause.
  • Foto del blog "What we learned from Iniciativa México"

    What we learned from Iniciativa México

    On Sunday November 7, Iniciativa México (IMx), the effort by society and the media to help those who help the most, came to an end.
  • Foto del blog "Our Freedom"

    Our Freedom

    Caminos de la Libertad es uno de los proyectos clave de Grupo Salinas. El propósito de este esfuerzo es promover la reflexión sobre la libertad. Parece algo muy sencillo y, sin embargo, es difícil y valiente en estos tiempos.
  • Foto del blog "2010 National Silver Award"

    2010 National Silver Award

    On September 9, through the Fomento Cultural Grupo Salinas (Grupo Salinas Cultural Promotion fund), we had the honor of once again granting the Hugo Salinas Price National Silver Award, in recognition of the work and creativity of the most outstanding silversmith artisans.
  • Foto del blog "Bicentennial (5): Art and Culture"

    Bicentennial (5): Art and Culture

    Mexico is heir to diverse and very rich millennial cultures. But we sometimes forget the enormous value that this represents. The Bicentennial is an excellent occasion to reflect on this topic, and to act to the extent of our possibilities.
  • Foto del blog "Ten Key Rules to be Successful in Business "

    Ten Key Rules to be Successful in Business

    Since biblical times, the commandments have proven to be useful tools that allow us to always keep in mind the fundamental principles to guide our actions.
  • Foto del blog "Innocent’s Dream"

    Innocent’s Dream

    Some people can make decisions and create institutions that continue to impact society long after they are gone. Lotario de Segni, better known as Pope Innocent III (1160-1216) and main contributor to Canon Law, was one of these people, as a man who forged the path of a Catholic Church that was at the point of disintegrating.
  • Foto del blog "Two Years"

    Two Years

    It was exactly two years ago that I began this space of reflection, and since then I have made over 100 posts on topics including business and industry, the economy, globalization, finance, education, values, sports, and a whole lot more.
  • Foto del blog "Bicentennial (4): Education, human capital is most"

    Bicentennial (4): Education, human capital is most

    The most important form of wealth is human capital, specifically, knowledge, effort, talent, intelligence… this is the only thing that counts.
  • Foto del blog "A tree is born from a small seed: Thank you for helping to clean up Mexico"

    A tree is born from a small seed: Thank you for helping to clean up Mexico

    Millions of Mexicans have participated in the second year of the Limpiemos Nuestro México campaign. There are plenty reasons to do so: starting with the thousands of places around the country were garbage is dumped.
  • Foto del blog "For the Second Time: Let’s Clean Up Our Mexico!"

    For the Second Time: Let’s Clean Up Our Mexico!

    On February 22 Fundación Azteca announced the launching of the second Let’s Clean Up Our México campaign. We have launched this campaign because we feel that our country urgently needs a change in habits, and to do so requires the participation of all: society, institutions and companies. With this in mind, we would especially like to highlight the support of the Environment and Natural Resources Ministry and the Public Education Ministry.
  • Foto del blog "Thank you for helping child burn victims"

    Thank you for helping child burn victims

    Since 2004, Fundación Azteca has been collaborating with the Fundación Michou y Mau, an organization that helps children suffering from severe burns and that facilitates specialized medical attention for them. Since that time, there have been five Movimientos Azteca campaigns that have helped more than 7,000 children who were unfortunate victims of terrible accidents
  • Foto del blog "2009, A Year of Challenges and Achievements"

    2009, A Year of Challenges and Achievements

    It’s worth taking a few minutes to reflect on what we did in Grupo Salinas in 2009. It was a year of enormous challenges, but we shouldn’t forget that we also had important achievements.
  • Foto del blog "Moi & Me"

    Moi & Me

    Desde el ‘93 a la fecha vivimos muchas experiencias juntos, pues su oficina estuvo durante muchos años ‘pared con pared’ con la mía. Los altibajos de cualquier relación quedan en la distancia y sólo perduran los buenos recuerdos de grandes batallas peleadas juntos.
  • Foto del blog "Year End Message to Grupo Salinas Employees (2009)"

    Year End Message to Grupo Salinas Employees (2009)

    The phrase from the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, a thinker who is not quoted much these days, summarizes what transpired in 2009.
  • Foto del blog "Esperanza Azteca"

    Esperanza Azteca

    I have always thought that education should form well-balanced individuals, and- by the way- this is the philosophy behind Plantel Azteca.
  • Foto del blog "Bicentennial (2): The Mexican Revolution - What are we celebrating? "

    Bicentennial (2): The Mexican Revolution - What are we celebrating?

    In publishing this entry, I run the risk that the ‘Mexican Politburo could demand my exile or something worse, but sometimes it is worthwhile to expose myths in order to affect a a change in mentality. I am sure that there are thousands of us today who think this way.
  • Foto del blog "Bicentennial (1) History and Legacy"

    Bicentennial (1) History and Legacy

    e are preparing to commemorate 200 years of Mexican independence. It’s a good time to stop and ask ourselves how things are going in our country.
  • Foto del blog "Kaizen"


    Raising company productivity is vital in a globalized world. A particularly important methodology I want to share today is called Kaizen, which means “change to improve” in Japanese.
  • Foto del blog "Intelligence"


    One of my favorite reads in 2008 was "The Art of Prudence" by Baltasar Gracian, a distinguished member of the Society of Jesus during the 17th century. Published in 1647, this is a book that stands the test of time even though its literary style is completely baroque.
  • Foto del blog "Let’s Clean Up Our Mexico"

    Let’s Clean Up Our Mexico

    Last March 25, I shared here my general view about monopolies and more specifically about the energy monopoly. Today, I want to write about another monopoly that affects our pocketbooks.
  • Foto del blog "The Energy Monopoly"

    The Energy Monopoly

    t is very sad to see that Mexico has become dirty, neglected and strewn with garbage. Those of us who live here have to do something urgently. And we’re going to: next May 31st in the Limpiemos Nuestro México (Let’s Clean Up Our Mexico) campaign we’ve launched jointly with the SEMARNAT
  • Foto del blog "Helping Children with Cancer"

    Helping Children with Cancer

    A few months ago, I had the opportunity to participate at a panel along with C.K.Prahalad, autor of the book The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid.
  • Foto del blog "Leadership "


    This post is closely related with the last two, where I spoke of teamwork and Asabiyah. When navigating in turbulent waters, it is important to trust the person at the helm of the ship. The current crisis is largely due to a lack of effective leadership in the major economies; and we witness new examples every day.
  • Foto del blog "Asabiyah "


    Our work system has two parts: the foundation and exercising the Three Circles, of which I will speak about on another occasion.
  • Foto del blog "Teamwork "


    One of the values that guides our activities in Grupo Salinas is teamwork. It is an important value since we have set high goals and need the coordinated efforts of all to achieve them. Teamwork multiplies our productivity, creates value when tasks are carried out that complement each other, and contributes to the development of all.
  • Foto del blog "What Moves the Movimiento Azteca? "

    What Moves the Movimiento Azteca?

    To help someone in need is not only one’s duty, but also brings happiness, the Cuban thinker José Martí is credited as saying. For Fundación Azteca it has been a great pleasure to do our small part to improve the quality of peoples lives.
  • Foto del blog "One More Year of Achievements "

    One More Year of Achievements

    With or without recession, 2008 was a year full of achievements for Grupo Salinas, for example:
  • Foto del blog "Year-End Message to Coworkers at Grupo Salinas (2008)"

    Year-End Message to Coworkers at Grupo Salinas (2008)

    I would like to share part of the year-end message that I sent to my co-workers.
  • Foto del blog "A City of Ideas "

    A City of Ideas

    Why do some companies survive crises while others don’t? Why are some economies more successful than others? The answers undoubtedly have to do with the capacity of each individual and of each organization to generate new ideas and solutions to increasingly complex problems.
  • Foto del blog "A Solid Bank "

    A Solid Bank

    Banco Azteca celebrates six years of serving its clients, and in the course of doing so has become one of the most important and solid banks in Mexico.
  • Foto del blog "The Only Crisis Consists in not Wanting to Overcome it "

    The Only Crisis Consists in not Wanting to Overcome it

    The current global crisis will provide much to reflect upon in the years to come, and this column will not be the exception. This past October 6, for example, I mentioned that the Chinese character for crisis combines danger with opportunity. In this regard, I would like to share some ideas attributed to one of the most important thinkers of the 20th Century, Albert Einstein:
  • Foto del blog "Who Helps the Red Cross?"

    Who Helps the Red Cross?

    October 2 was a very special day for Grupo Salinas. Movimiento Azteca collected the impressive sum of Ps$110.5 million, which will be used by the Mexican Red Cross to buy 221 new ambulances.
  • Foto del blog "A Latino Agenda for the Whole Hemisphere Is a Matter of Principle"

    A Latino Agenda for the Whole Hemisphere Is a Matter of Principle

    On September 23, Grupo Salinas and the University of Denver presented a report to the U.S. Congress: “An Agenda for the Future.”
  • Foto del blog "Freedom in Doubt"

    Freedom in Doubt

    A few days ago I had the pleasure of participating in the awards ceremony for the “Caminos de la Libertad” (Roads to Freedom) essay contest that Grupo Salinas organized for the third consecutive year.
  • Foto del blog "Customer Focus"

    Customer Focus

    One of the values that guides our companies is Customer Focus. Our corporate development is directly related to our capacity to increase their welfare. This applies to any economic activity.
  • Foto del blog "Reevaluating the World We Live In "

    Reevaluating the World We Live In

    Let’s take a pause to reflect. Do you think that the increasing scarcity of water in many regions of the world, the contamination of the air and rivers, climate change and recurring flooding are isolated facts, the result of the natural deterioration of our planet?
  • Foto del blog "Generosity"


    One of Grupo Salinas’ fundamental values is generosity. When we hear the term, the first thing that comes to mind is giving money or objects without expecting anything in exchange. However, the concept goes well beyond this: it refers not only to articles of material value, but other goods like time, health, work, knowledge, and understanding or simply…a smile.
  • Foto del blog "Quick and Simple"

    Quick and Simple

    On June 4, I wrote about “The Tipping Point, a book by Malcolm Gladwell. Today, I’m going to talk about another one of his books, Blink, which refers to one of the fundamental values of Grupo Salinas: quick and simple.
  • Foto del blog "Plantel Azteca"

    Plantel Azteca

    Plantel Azteca is one of the Grupo Salinas projects I am proudest of. Thinking that a youngster with any kind of social background can hope to receive the best education if he or she applies him/herself makes me think that Mexico can have a bright future.
  • Foto del blog "Execution"


    One of the main values of our group of companies —in fact, a requirement for being part of them— is execution.
  • Foto del blog "Making Ideas Stick"

    Making Ideas Stick

    Evolution has designed human beings to survive in a group. Communicating our ideas effectively is essential for our existence.
  • Foto del blog "Reinvent Your Life Every Day"

    Reinvent Your Life Every Day

    Innovation is an essential concept for getting ahead in business. In Japanese philosophy kaizen means learning and continual improvement. This requires leaving your comfort zone and repeating a mantra: “Today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today!”
  • Foto del blog "World Press Freedom Day: What Are We Celebrating?"

    World Press Freedom Day: What Are We Celebrating?

    The day went by without fanfare on May 3. Since it was the Saturday of a long weekend, many of us didn’t even realize that it was the day the UN had designated in 1993 to call attention to the coercion and violence against journalists.
  • Foto del blog "Money: A Means or an End in Itself?"

    Money: A Means or an End in Itself?

    At the presentation I made two weeks ago to Tec students, the candidness with which a student asked me if an entrepreneur’s motivation should be money really caught my attention.
  • Foto del blog "Poverty From Another Angle"

    Poverty From Another Angle

    A fundamental step toward reversing conditions of underdevelopment is rethinking concepts and trying to understand our complex reality: looking at things from a new point of view.
  • Foto del blog "Returning to My Alma Mater"

    Returning to My Alma Mater

    On April 10, I was swept up in the enthusiasm of more than a thousand potential young entrepreneurs. I must admit that for a few seconds it crossed my mind to skip this meeting because the day before I had been in Colombia and was still suffering from a cold. However, my commitment to young people, especially at my alma mater on same the campus where my son Benjamín studied, was more compelling than my discomfort.
  • Foto del blog "An Aztec in Brazil"

    An Aztec in Brazil

    Last week was very intense for Grupo Salinas in the international sphere. First, we inaugurated TV A
  • Foto del blog "An Aztec in Guatemala"

    An Aztec in Guatemala

    Last week was very intense for Grupo Salinas in the international sphere. First, we inaugurated TV Azteca operations in Guatemala, made possible by an alliance with Latitud TV. This expansion will allow us to take unparalleled entertainment and information options into thousands of Guatemalan homes through Channels 31 and 35 on broadcast television starting in May.